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Wednesday, 06 January 2010 16:10

How Many Web Pages Do I Need

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As more pages mean more expense, it makes sense to look at how the pages of your website will impact on the effectiveness of the site. There are a few unwritten rules regarding what content should be included and whether it should have it's own page. I'll try to give a view of which pages are essential and why.

Generally, a website should be at least 5 pages. This is because there's certain information we as web users have come to expect.

So here's our list of the 5 most important pages.

  1. The Home page
    This goes without saying, but more importantly, this page needs to be clearly the start of your website and not be mixed with content which should be further in the site.

  2. The About Us page
    This page will convey to the end user what you or your business are all about. It is important to include a short summary of who you are and what you do, but don't go into too much detail this can be done further down the page if required.

  3.  Products or service
    This information gives a sense of worth to your website and helps customers to decide whether they are in the right place. This page (or pages) can be devalued by lumping in with other information and is best kept as to the point and informative as possible.

  4. Contact page
    Many sites have contact information such as e-mail addresses available on multiple pages. This is fine and a good practice, but a separate contact form conveys a sense of professionalism which net savvy customers will appreciate. Usually, you would want the contact page to be accessible from any other page on the site.

  5. Terms and conditions
    Although not essential to every site, this is the basis of the relationship between your business and the outside world. Without it, there could be misunderstandings which could harm either your reputation or finances.

Another page which is of importance is the privacy page. This isn't essential but more and more people are now worrying about how their information is being used.

The reason this list is important is that before you even consider anything else, these pages should be be the building block for your website. This isn't taking away from the fact that there are some great single page sites but, in terms of a business presence, five pages should be the absolute minimum.

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